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What are some audience exercises for my Incitement event?

Make your INCITEMENT event into an unforgettable experience by involving your audience as much as possible. Doing exercises and break-out sessions with the audience is an important part of any INCITEMENT event. You are required to facilitate a minimum of 2 exercises during your event. On this page you will find some examples of exercises you can perform.

Exercise 1: The Rant

‘The Rant’ is one of the best parts of your INCITEMENT event. It is when your attendee becomes your speaker, and is one of the greatest ways to create high engagement during your event. One volunteer from the audience will come on stage to do a random presentation she’s never seen before. Not only does is this great entertainment for your audience, it also perfectly embodies what INCITEMENT is about: ‘turning your inspiration into action.’ As the organiser you should prepare this presentation in advance.

The presentation covers 1 topic that matches the overall event theme. The presentation exists of 15 slides. Every slide will automatically advance after 15 seconds. The volunteer who is doing The Rant will have to connect the slides into a story, and use their imagination to do so. The host should brief the volunteer on how he/she can go about the presentation slides by telling them that they can be creative, connect the dots between each slide, tell it like a story, etc. The Rant is a mandatory section during every INCITEMENT event. You can find some examples of The Rant presentation in the right sidebar.

The Rant examples

Below you can download some samples of The Rant. If you click the download link you will download a zip file that contains a Keynote file and a PowerPoint file.

» How to empower people

» Squeeze your creative juice

» Losing weight

» Propelling a better life

» Seeing love

» The road to getting fit

» The road to passion

» The world we live in today

» Wealth or happiness

» My Superheroes

Or you might go for something humorous 😉

» Aliens: Real or Myth

» Douchebags

» Frisbeeing

» Ghosts

» The art of partying

» The art of poledancing

Exercise 2: Be An Idea Master

Get the audience into groups of 4 and let them brainstorm 3 ideas that they think can change the world and incite positive action in terms of human development, clean air, social business model, or anything that can shake the world and leave a huge impact to society and ask them to choose the best idea. The facilitator should go around and ask a few groups about their best idea.

Exercise 3: Pitcher Pocketeer

Get everyone form the audience to take an item out of their pocket or bag and choose a partner from the audience whom them don’t know, tell your partner what item you have, why you have it, and why he/she should buy it from you.

Exercise 4: Teach Me Something

Ask the audience to team up with a partner whom they don’t know. Get each partner to teach the other one something new which they did not know before. It can be anything from math equations to fun facts.

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