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Videography for your Incitement event

A picture is worth a thousand words. Capture beautiful moments of the experience of the audience, the speakers, the team, the venue. Capture moments full of emotion and passion.

Camera rolling

Every venue and space are different and therefore you will have to use your creativity in identifying the best angles, there are a few essentials for you to keep in mind:

  • Since you will be recording with at least 2 cameras, position each camera to be responsible for a unique angle and range of shot sizes. It’s important that at any given time, each camera covers a different shot size, for ease of editing.
  • What we recommend is go for a close up shot of the speaker and another wide shot of the speaker with the audience. Try not to zoom in and out.
  • The footage from each camera that is recorded will later be edited and posted on the INCITEMENT YouTube channel. Make sure during editing the video of the speaker’s presentation, you add their slides in between the footages so that it looks very professional and easy for viewers to comprehensively digest the content.
  • Never shut off your camera(s) while a speaker is on stage. Plan your
  • tape changes ahead so you never run out of tape at the wrong time.


AUDIO is super important, far more important than you might think. Let’s put it this way, if your video didn’t turn out as well as you wanted, you can always do some minor editing to fix it. BUT if your audio is not good, it’s very difficult to fix it. So here are some points to be mindful of:

  • Mic up your speakers. It is required for you to get a live feed from your speakers’ mics.
  • Be sure to mic the speakers, hosts, and audience.; it could be a lapel mic or those normal wireless mics or even a normal mic.
  • Make sure you do sound check hours before the event. You may need to adjust the volume levels depending on the speaker.
  • One other major tip for you – Take note to always ask the speaker to remove noisy items if they are wearing any like necklaces, jewelries, anything that is dangling and making noises.
  • Make sure that your speakers turn off or change their phones to pilot
  • mode, remove any jewellery that is noisy, so that no distraction of wire
  • frequency can tamper the mic.


Lighting is key to video recording especially in events. Standard stage lighting may not be good enough for your video, so test out your video camera with the lighting to see if you need to adjust the lighting of the space. Here are some points to consider:

  • Light up the whole stage to give your speakers the freedom to move around.
  • Do not use a spotlight on your speakers. Instead, use three-point lighting.
  • Position light behind and/or from the side of the speaker. This light
  • should create a hair-light and sharp edge that separates the speaker
  • from the background.


There are a couple of technical matter that you need to be mindful of when it comes to running the speakers’ presentation:

  • You should add your all speaker’s slides to your master slide. This will make it easier to transition between speakers.
  • Do your best to capture a direct video feed of the slides and
  • presentation materials as they appear on the screen. If that’s not
  • possible, then make sure that a corner of the screen is visible at your
  • wide angle camera. This is so that when you are editing your video,
  • you’ll know when to advance the slides.

Stage design

For your video production, there are a couple of things to consider regarding your stage design:

  • Frame your shot so that there is a clean background.
  • Decorate your stage keeping in mind . Without any decoration you stage will look cold and emtpy. With too much decoration your stage will too cluttered and messy.
  • Make sure your INCITEMENT stage logo is always visible inside the video frame.
  • Remove any clutter from the video frame and the stage. Remove cables, laptops, speakers, ect.

Video editing

Your video editing is a very important process because the result is what you will share with everyone. Here are a few points on video editing for you to keep in mind:

  • Find an editor – You need to upload your videos within a month from your event, so find an editor early. You can ask your production team or hire an editor if you have to.
  • Make sure that your editor is aware that they should edit each speaker’s presentation on its own and not edit the whole event as one. They should edit each talk and make it a dynamic, individual article.
  • Use your most engaging and close up shots as on the internet, you are dealing with a small screen.

Remember to follow the rules in the INCITEMENT Manifesto for editing your video:

  • General event introduction graphics (optional)
  • INCITEMENT event logo (required)
  • Sponsor mentions (optional – cannot exceed 3 seconds)
  • INCITEMENT Talk (required)
  • Sponsor mentions (optional – cannot exceed 3 seconds)
  • General event outro graphics (optional)
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