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Sponsorship packages for your Incitement event


Come prepared to your meeting, prepare a sponsorship package.

Before you meet with potential sponsors, it is recommended to compile a sponsorship package. This is simply an overview of the benefits for sponsoring partners. A good example of a sponsorship package you can find here.Remember that your are bound by the rules in the Incitement Manifesto, and that some of the items as mentioned in this example sponsorship package you will not be able to offer to your sponsors. A visual representation of the sponsor benefits is very helpful. It will give your sponsors a good overview of what they will receive in return for sponsoring your event. A sponsorship package can include:

  • A brief description of Incitement, its history and how it started and spread to 40 countries.
  • A brief description of Inpactor, its connection to Incitement, and the impact created around the world.
  • An agenda including an overview of your Incitement event, including the theme, speakers, content, call-to-action, the type of audience and Inpactor, etc.
  • Build different packages for different kind of sponsorship; for example, segment the packages in tiers – the more they’re sponsoring you, the more benefits they will get. You can get creative here.
  • A detailed budget showing where exactly their money will go

Not all sponsorship come in the form of money. Some of them can provide you with other important resources, such as photography, food, t-shirts, printing, and gift bag items for example. Do your best and see where you can be creative in engaging with entities that can provide with more than just money, to spice up your event. Always remember that your sponsors can’t have any say in editing your content, and they never have the right to meddle and dictate on your speakers or tell you how the program should be running. Make sure you have read the sponsors section in the Incitement Manifesto, and you understand the do s and don’ts.

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