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How to act as a leader for your Incitement event

You have taken on the role of spreading inspiration and motivation to get your community to take assertive action. Your mission is to bring positive impact to your community. It’s a big commitment and an important role.

Leadership is all about emotions, because it’s not about the work that needs to be done, but about the people who do it. Leaders communicate the vision, they inspire and motivate. All of these things require you to connect with people on a emotional level. The trick is to know when to show which emotions, based on what you think your people need to see in order to feel inspired. Here are some other pointers:

Lead your team

We need you to lead your amazing team and who will be a group talented, and driven people. We know managing a dynamic team can be tough work, so expect hurdles on the way. Just remember that you are not alone. Your team is your beacon of light and source of support. Show character and drive, but don’t forget to show your compassion to them. Let them know that they are part of a family which is driven to do more good, and co-create impact.

Be passionate & driven

Starting an Incitement event is a big endeavor. Make sure you have the time and dedication to do the work (don’t just work hard, just work smart, too!). Remember that Incitement is in almost 40 countries and you are part of a big, international family. Get excited and look forward to it.

Always remember the rules and use the guidelines

Give each other updates on what you have been working on, if you are meeting your deadlines, and what We know… Rules can be borings. But rules are important. They are there to make your life easier, and to pull off an extraordinary event. The better you know the Incitement Manifesto, the better prepared you will be.

Honor the Incitement Experience

Incitement is a non-traditional event where we defy all odds. We solely focus on bringing the best of the best experience to our audience. We try to deliver a unique event flow, that is very different from any other event. Be creative on how you would like to create this high-quality experience for your audience; it’s the key to the Incitement movement’s rapid growth and impact.

Content is Always King

ou’ll be responsible for creating an epic Incitement event that literally “wows” and empowers your crowd. So be creative! Remember to capture all content of your speakers, and the audience interaction sessions, The Rant, the group exercises and the appreciation round.

Embrace the Incitement Brand

You have a duty is to protect the vision and mission of Incitement. Use your Incitement logo as often as you can. Understand and spread the word about the Incitement movement. Make time to invest in the Incitement community worldwide and get to know other Incitement teams around the world.

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